Therapeutic Shoe Program

Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program

Do you or someone that you know have Diabetes?  If you are a diabetic, you may be at risk of developing serious foot ulcerations and prone to infections that may often times lead to possible amputations.  Oftentimes, these amputations could be avoided with proper foot evaluations and foot wear.  Medicare has recognized the benefit of providing preventative foot gear.  If you are a diabetic, covered by Medicare, you are eligible for one pair of extra depth shoes with three pairs of protective shoe inserts, once each calendar year through Medicare’s Therapeutic Shoe Program.  If you are currently taking medication for your diabetes, and have certain biomechanical deformities, you may qualify.  In addition, if you have a supplemental insurance carrier, your balance may be covered and you would not be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses.  This program was developed by Medicare to potentially prevent many foot conditions that could develop as a result of wearing shoes that do not fit properly.  The office of Denise A. Beach, DPM, PC, is an authorized provider of Therapeutic Shoe Program administered through Medicare.  We will measure, order, and dispense, during the time of scheduled appointment.  Please contact the office today to have a complete evaluation, in order that we may determine your eligibility for this benefit.

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