To All First Time Patients: 
You MUST have your insurance card(s) and photo id with you, in order to be seen by the doctor.  Please also provide the Assistant with a list of your medications, when requested. 

To All Patients: 
All Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Managed Care Organization (MCO), Preferred Provider Option (PPO), and Point of Service (POS) patient, when required, MUST have your referral with you in order to be seen by the doctor.  Referrals are not made retroactive. 

If you have changed your insurance carrier(s), you MUST bring your new insurance card(s) with you in order to be seen by the doctor.  If any of your information (name, address, telephone number or insurance) has changed since your last visit, it is your responsibility to advise the office staff.

Payment and/or co-payment are due upon services being rendered 

Please remove or advise us that you are wearing nail polish in order that it may be removed.  The doctor would like to see the natural color of your nail(s). 

Please be sensitive to others and attempt to arrive at the assigned appointment time.  If you are unable to arrive at your assigned time, please contact the office to advise.  We will attempt to accommodate your schedule to the best of our ability. 

Please be mindful if you bring children with you to your appointment, that they act accordingly.  Please be courteous to remove a small child from the chair if an elderly patient should be waiting to see the doctor. 

If you are accompanied by an escort, and the escort is sitting in a chair, we ask that the escort please allow awaiting patient(s) to sit. 

Please do not eat, drink or use your cellular device in this office. 

All Medicare Patients: 

Please advise the staff with the name of your medical doctor and the last date seen in order that the doctor will be paid for services rendered.


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